Mother Nature

Mother Nature

December 20, 2016 Off By Anna Smith

Our Earth is the most wonderful planet in our planetary system. To the extent we know, Earth is the main planet that has life one of the most expensive gifts that we humans have got is the Mother Nature itself. This gift pack is packed with much varieties of daily essentials for a human’s survival. From shelter to food, drinks, and nearly everything has been provided from the Mother Nature.

The past man had a decent association with Mother Earth. However, since people created urban areas and enterprises, the modern way of life has changed. Man has been utilizing and abusing natural resources up as far as possible. Presently we are tearing up remote corners of the planet searching for unrefined petroleum and coal, and our woodlands and wild creatures are vanishing. Our surroundings are completely contaminated: we drink polluted water, breathe in polluted air, and eat food with hints of pesticides and other lethal chemicals. Henceforth we are experiencing infections. As an aftereffect of human exercises, the ozone layer has an opening, the ocean is rising, and the ice tops of Antarctica and Greenland are dissolving. Presently a global warming is cautioning us that environmental and climate change is coming.

Save the flora and fauna

According to many ecological assessments both flora and fauna has seen to be going through a very bad period of time. What humans should understand is that the just doesn’t belong to humans. The other living creatures were utilizing it for billions of years, before our own particular species appeared only somewhere in the range of five million years prior. Our Earth has a place with every single living thing, in the event that it has a place with any of them. Be that as it may, we overwhelmed numerous species and executed them for our utilization. Presently a large number of animal varieties are wiped out from the world as their habitats aren’t no more present.

Habitat hectare assessments reveal many facts about the vegetation levels in the world. The evolution of humans and creatures was conceivable in light of plants. Plants are the base of the evolved way of life and the wellspring of vitality for all life on Earth. Woods are ancient, developed groups of plants and creatures, with homes and places for a huge number of animal types. Woodlands give us oxygen, nourishment, protect, meds, fuel, and furniture. On the off chance that we are creatures with high IQ levels, we should spare plants and forest, since they save us.

As you see protecting Mother Nature is none other than protecting our own self as the existence of Mother Nature is imperative for our living means in this world. So without blaming anyone around its better that we start ourselves to act upon it.